Company Profile

Benesh Electric, INC.

Founded: 2012

Owner: Rod Benesh

Certifications: California State Certified Electricians

Areas of expertise:  Commercial and Industrial Electrical

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Justin Cortinas

Vice President, Licensed Electrician

Phone: 858.900.7237


Rod Benesh

President, Licensed Electrician

Phone: 858.900.7239


About Rod: "My grandfather was a general contractor and built a lot of the homes in the rural farm town in Iowa where I grew up.  At a young age my father started working and learning the trade alongside my grandfather. In turn, I have my father to thank for taking the time to teach me as I grew up.  I always knew the construction industry, in general, is what I was good at. But it was electrical that stood out to me as the trade I wanted to excel in, so I started my electrical apprenticeship straight out of high school.  I’ve always found that the knowledge my family gave me (having a general knowledge of all trades) has helped me tremendously in the electrical field. Instead of looking at just the electrical portion of a project, I’m able see the big picture which seems to limit problems, cut costs for our clients and move things along smoother.  Upon moving to California with my wife, I worked for a few electrical companies. I ran service trucks, handled emergency calls and was the lead foreman on bigger jobs.  During this time I learned the difference between California and Midwest tradesmen and I knew that I would need to return to be self-employed to uphold to the standards of work I was raised to do.  The only hold up was finding the right business partner. This was no longer an issue when I met Justin Cortinas.  When I first met Justin I worked for a competitor and was bidding against him on jobs. After a while we came to realize we would be much better off if we worked together as a team than against each other, so I joined Justin at his company.  Our strengths and weaknesses complimented each other perfectly. From day 1 we were turning jobs in on time and under budget, but ownership and upper management held us back from our true potential. Sooner than we could have even imagined it, Benesh Electric was born and we couldn’t be happier! We can finally give the customer what they want. We solve problems at any hour and adhere to the same quality reputation that my family has in rural Iowa to set our company apart from other companies here in the metropolis of San Diego."